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The Boots

The  Boots is made up of exceptional musicians who come from different backgrounds but share a mutual passion and love for music. Our band works together day and night preparing for performances in order to make sure whichever client we work with is happy and completely satisfied with our live performance. Check out the faces that make up our band and contact us to learn more.


Ashmin is a vocalist/pianist who has called Central Florida home for 27 years. She began her music career at 12 years old and relocated to Los Angeles for 8 years where she developed her skills as a recording/performing artist in genres such as R&B, Jazz, Pop, Soul, etc.


Alongside her 10-year-long career teaching music, Ashmin has studied with world-renowned instructors throughout Los Angeles and Orlando for most of her life with voice technicians such as Dave Stroud, Kimberly Kanitz, Melanie Galiardo, Rachel Riggs, and Angelica Thompson.


Ashmin has the better part of 300 performances under her belt, including performances with Stevie Wonder, Bishop Briggs, Judith Hill, and pianist Troy Laureta to name a few. She continues to perform around Central Florida as the frontwoman of local bands The Boots and The Gem Example.

Ashmin SKYY

// Vocalist


Connor Tutins is an Orlando based guitarist with 15 years of live performance experience and 5 years of teaching experience. Connor has performed a wide variety of genres with many different artists  The Pablo Aragona Quinteto, The Greenjays ,Osaka Falls and the Boots. In 2023 Connor released several records with Pablo Aragona, Zach Muth and others. Connor has studied with  renowned guitarists including Bill Harkleroad  and  John Stowell. Tutins earned his degree in Sound Production from Valencia College in 2020 and has produced several records.





Noel Kunz is a gigging/touring bass player and drummer from Vallejo, California. Growing up traveling with Radio Disney, his experience on stage has lead him to perform in numerous cities and record on both instruments with various artists including Manny Garcia, Ashlee Barrera, Mars Wagon, and Run Raquel. Coming out of high school, Noel earned the Louis Armstrong Jazz Achievement Award that lead to him attending Ball State University in Muncie Indiana. Radio Disney brought Noel to Orlando and can now be seen regularly playing at Disney Springs, Margaritaville Resort, and Universal City Walk.




As a teacher, Noel puts a big emphasis on enthusiasm and keeping music fun. He believes that in order to learn and progress with music, it has to be relatable with an understanding of the role each instrument plays in each song. As he often reminds his students, “Play like you would buy a ticket to see yourself on stage.”


// Drums



"Uncle Ted" has played in Orlando local bands that include Jacked Up, The Rogue Ovals, Bob Green and the Whiskey Conspiracy, and presently The Boots.  He played guitar and bass on the released "Back to Neverland" album by the Whiskey Conspiracy.  His music tastes are broad and vary from Classic Rock to Funk to Grunge.  Ted started out  playing Guitar for 50+ years and 10 of those years on bass.   As a bassist, his influences include Flea, Paul McCarthy, and Noel Kunz.  





 When the opportunity arises, James is the fifth member of The Boots. Originally from Huntsville Alabama, James graduated from Auburn University and now works as a mechanical engineer in Orlando.  In his spare time, James plays keys for the Boots, The Greenjays and his church. He also records as a solo artist and in his spare time enjoys paddleboarding and basketball.

James Eaton


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